Carceral Notebooks
Volume 6, 2010

Mia Ruyter, Hank Paulson (2008)  


Dismantling/Neoliberalism  Bernard E. Harcourt

Neoliberal Displacements: Political Delinquency and the Eclipse of Politics in Germany  Nitzan Shoshan

Introduction  Andrew Dilts and Bernard E. Harcourt

San Quentin 94974 — The Everyday Prison  Yves Winter

Investment Talk: Comments On The Use Of The Language Of Investment In Prison Reform Advocacy  Christopher D. Berk

California Penality: The End/Price of the Neoliberal Exception  Keally McBride

Janus Faced Leviathan: California’s Prisons and the Universities as Two Faces of State Power  Jonathan Simon

The Illinois Reentry Imperative: Sheridan Correctional Center As National Model  Robert P. Fairbanks II

Editor: Bernard E. Harcourt

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