Carceral Notebooks
Volume 12, 2016

Carceral Notebooks - Journal Volume 10
Nancy Prison, Photo by Gérard Drolc
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Preface Bernard E. Harcourt
Introduction: Challenging the Punitive Society Andrew Dilts and Perry Zurn

Part I. Foucault and the Legacy of the Prisons Information Group (GIP)

Introduction Kevin Thompson
The Dialectic of Theory and Practice Bernard E. Harcourt
Prisoners Inside / Intellectuals Outside: the GIP and the French Prison Revolts, 1971-1972 Nicolas Drolc
The GIP and the Question of Failure Perry Zurn
The Creaturely Politics of Prisoner Resistance Movements Lisa Guenther

GIP Workshop 05-08-2015

Part II. Foucault’s Punitive Society and the Prisons Information Group (GIP)

Introduction Jesús R. Velasco
The GIP as a Cynical Practice Bernard E. Harcourt
Foucault’s Punitive Society and Our Own: Sequestration, Elimination, and the Carceral System Natalie Cisneros
Towards an Account of Intolerance: Between Prison Resistance and Engaged Scholarship Perry Zurn

Part III. Carceral Logic Today

Giving the Floor to Whom? Janos Toevs
Are Prisons Tolerable? Michael Hames-García
Problematization and the Production of New Statements: Foucault and Deleuze on Le Groupe d’information sur les prisons Kevin Thompson
The Womb of Western Theory: Trauma, Time Theft, and the Captive Maternal Joy James

Editor: Bernard E. Harcourt

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