Virgil Marti For Oscar Wilde, 1995
Misec Media Installation at Eastern State Penitentiary

Volume 1: Carceral Imaginations

Volume 2: Carceral Continuities

Volume 3: Registers of the Gun

Volume 4: Discipline, Security, and Beyond

Volume 5: The Security Mania: France 2010

Volume 6: Neoliberalism and Crisis

Volume 7: Neoliberalism and Risk

Volume 8: Dissensus & Critique

Volume 9: Neoliberalism (cont'd)

Volume 10: Why Marriage?

Volume 11: Why Marriage?

Volume 12: Challenging the Punitive Society

Volume 13: Foucault and the Politics of Resistance in Brazil

Editor: Bernard E. Harcourt


Carceral Notebooks will publish, on-line and on paper, a series of journals critically examining contemporary society through the lens of law, art, social science, philosophy and critique. Carceral Notebooks Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4, Volume 5, and Volume 6  are now available online.*

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