Carceral Notebooks
Volume 5, 2009


A Preface  Bernard E. Harcourt

Security Mania: An Introduction  Laurent Mucchielli

Five Years of the Security Mania  Jean Danet

Penal Populism Against the Protection of Youth  Christine Lazerges

From Security-Mania to Hyper-Criminalization: French Justice Under Pressure  Philip A. Milburn

The New Prison Population Inflation (2001-2007)  Bruno Aubusson de Cavarlay

Immigration Policy: A Laboratory For The Security Mania  Serge Slama

Is The Police Moving From Community Policing To Wholesale Order-Maintenance?  Christian Mouhanna

Waging War At Home: On The Police/Military Control Of Popular Neighborhoods  Mathieu Rigouste

Playing the Numbers Game: The “Different Management of Security”  Laurent Mucchielli

Video Surveillance: A Technological and Political Mirage  Eric Heilmann

Do Policemen Dream of Biometric Chips? How New Technologies Are Changing Law Enforcement in Western Countries  Pierre Piazza



Editor: Bernard E. Harcourt

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