Carceral Notebooks
Volume 13, 2017

Carceral Notebooks - Journal Volume 10
Michel Foucault in Belém, Brazil,
in November 1976


Bernard E. Harcourt, Preface

Marcelo Hoffman, Special Editor, Introduction

Marcio Alves da Fonseca and Salma Tannus Muchail, Power and Resistance: A Laboratory of Foucault in Brazil (Abstract)

Marcelo Hoffman, From Public Silence to Public Protest: Foucault at the University of Sao Paulo in 1975 (Abstract)

Edson Passetti, Foucault and Resistances in Brazil (Abstract)

Mauricio Pelegrini, Foucault in Iran, Foucault in Brazil: Political Spirituality and Counter-Conducts (Abstract)

Margareth Rago, Foucault, Subjectivity, and Self-Writing in Brazilian Feminism (Abstract)

Priscila Piazentini Vieira, Foucault and the Courage to Radically Transform Existence (Abstract)

Heliana de Barros Conde Rodrigues and Rosimeri de Oliveira Dias, The Tiny Brazilian Press as Resistance: Foucault, the Enemy of the King (Abstract)

Oswaldo Giacoia Junior, Michel Foucault and the Courage of Truth (Abstract)

José Castilho Marques Neto, In the Taxi with Michel Foucault: Memories of a 22-Year-Old Philosophy Student

Alessandro de Lima Francisco, book review of Impressões de Michel Foucault, by Roberto Machado

Ernani Chaves, “The SNI was asking for the list of attendees”: Michel Foucault in Belém in 1976 (Abstract)

Editor: Bernard E. Harcourt

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