Carceral Notebooks
Volume 11, 2015

Carceral Notebooks - Journal Volume 10
Edited by Mia Ruyter and Chuck Thurow


Introduction 8
m Burgess 12
Mariano Chavez and Lord Sunder 14
Drew Frees, Chris Condren, Paul Robinson 16
Shane Huffman, installation with
   Karen Reimer and Laura Letinsky 18
Darrell Jones 20
Lisa Lindvay 22
Madsen Minax 24
Dmitri Peskov and lnna Peschanskaya 26
Oli Rodriguez 28
Christine Shallenberg 30
Anna Shteynshleyger 32
Familial Territory
   curated by jessica Cochran 35
Alicia Eler 36
Rebecca Parker 38
Miller&Shellabarger 40
Melissa Potter 42
Miriam Schaer 44
Do you see what I see?
   curated by Tricia Van Eck 47
Sarah Belknap and joseph Belknap 48
Jefferson Godard 50
Jeroen Nelemans 52
Jennifer Reeder 54
Alice Berry 56

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