Mia Ruyter: Dutch Landscapes

How can oil painting be relevant in our time, beyond being a decorative element in interior design? 17th century Dutch landscapes were beautiful paintings made and sold for furnishing the bourgeois home. Pastoral scenes were recorded and brought into the home, to inspire a sense of peacefulness and contentedness. In these contemporary Dutch Landscapes, 17th century paintings are quoted with details left out, colors changed to accentuate the sense of strangeness and disorient the sense of time.

Why is that boat buried half-way like that. Is it sunk? Is it on water or land? Why are the cows standing on a barge, with a man poling his way across a hot pink sea?

(click on each image for full size version)

Cows on boat, 2002
oil on canvas, 30x40 inches

Blue Frozen Canal, 2002
oil on canvas, 30x40 inches

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